Painted and customized by Faye Cohen

Abu Asalaah Version #1 is sold out, but I am taking names of people interested in getting on a waiting list if one becomes available to resale.  Version #2 is still for sale. Please email if you want more information. The mini Abu in Version #1 is also for sale and you can see photos of him below.

Painted by ?
​I need your help! If you know the artist who painted this sculpture---please let me know so I can give them proper credit for the paint job. Thanks!

Painted by Kathleen Atchason

Painted by Kathy McKenzie

Painted by Carolyn Boydston

Abu Asalaah painted by other artists

Painted by Kate Schick

       Hallelujah Bronze Art Gallery

Painted by Martina Glahe

Painted by Sommer Prosser

Painted by Deb Brown

"Abu Asalaah" 

Limited Edition Resin

Painted by Amanda Dionne