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Bud crossed over the rainbow bridge June 22, 2015. See you again in Heaven, our sweet little "Bud Dog".

He may be toothless, but there is a lot of "bite" left to this ol' dog! This Christmas, we are so thankful to have our little "Buddy Boy" with us.  He is such a treasure.  Sorry to report that Bud passed away at our home on June 22nd , 2015. He is once again with Sparky, Gina, and all the rest of his family in Heaven.

On November 14th, 2014, Bud'sjaws broke because of bad teeth. He was operated on Tuesday November 18th by Dr. Donna Sowder of The Animal Hospital at Murphy's Corner. She is a wonderful compassionate Vet and we love what she did for Bud. He had to wear his fashionable red muzzle for 3 weeks. Originally, Dr. Sowder said he might have to wear it for 8-10 weeks.  I had to feed him liquid food from a syringe. He went from 12 pounds down to a little over 8 pounds when we took him in.  He gained a pound in 3 weeks.  On Tuesday, December 9, he got the muzzle taken off and he started eating soft food from a bowl!  His jaws are still wired and they will come out after Christmas.  We have one happy little dog now that he is out of pain. Check out the photos taken on December 11th below.

Bud Tugly (known just as "Bud") is one unique little dog! He is not really a typical Chihuahua. He makes us laugh and we are so glad to have him in our family! We love you Bud!

Bud & Scooter playing

Bud Tugly