Boy, a good stretch feels so good!

Oh my!

Am I going to get in trouble again?!

How can I resist that face?!!
OK, just one more treat.

Critters We've Known

Critters who called our place in Duvall "home" over the years
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UPDATE: Sweetie's new home

We think Sweetie decided her accommodations needed a serious upgrade. We think she moved on in the Fall of 2010 to start her own family and get better housing! Besides, Bobbie, her Mom, was a bit mean to the older siblings, especially when she was raising a new brood of raccoon pups.


She got her name because she loved to get "sweet" treats from us.  She especially loved cookies--Anna's to be exact.  She was one of Daisy's babies that decided to stay at our place in Duvall. I think she knew she had a good thing going. 

Now they're trying to get our attention by scratching on the window! What's next?!

Three is definitely a crowd!! Wait your turn!

Oh no!

You brought your brother & sister! I don't have enough treats to go around!

This video tribute I made was back when we lived in Duvall.  We have started a new chapter in our lives up in Stanwood, Washington, where we will add new photos and videos of farm and wildlife that call our place home.

You think they wouldn't resort to these tactics---especially when we give them plenty enough to eat!

You found me!

I need a better hiding place.

Bobbie's baby getting a drink from the water tub

What a little beggar you are!

Here's what happens when you indulge too much! Bobbie---you need to go on a diet!