Hallelujah Bronze Art Gallery

Hey! That's my knee you're sniffing! Not sirloin steak!

Let us give thanks for the bounty we are about to receive!

It never hurts to pray!

And you thought they were beggars in Spring and Summer! They got good at being cute but very demanding!

This is our wild (feral) kitty we named "Kiki".  It took well over a year to gain his confidence. Once he knew I was his friend, he would crawl onto my lap and let me scratch and pet him. I even got where I could pick him up.

December 24, 2008

We had over 2 feet of snow and it was still coming down. We were snow bound, so we stayed home and did the best we could. I took these photos looking up our driveway. It sure was beautiful.

Critters We've Known

Critters who called our place in Duvall "home" over the years
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