Here they are---the terrible twosome---Frick and Frack!

(Daisy)  You kids stay put while I sneak over to see if this little guy will share with us.

Even with one blind eye and no tail and three kids to take care of, it didn't slow Bobbie down a bit!

No you don't! I'm going sneak up and get some chow before that stranger eats the whole bowlful!

Now to get some for me and oh yes----I almost forgot about Frick and Frack. Better let them know it's ok to get some food, too!

Below are photos of Bobbie and her three kids----Hewey, Dewey and Louie

Food! Did somebody say food?!

       Hallelujah Bronze Art Gallery

When competition is fierce----go for the gold!

Bobbie (no tail) and her 3 kids, Hewey, Dewey and Louie  and Bobbie's daughter, Daisy and her kids, Frick and Frack 
These photos were taken in July 2008 under our old shop

There's definitely a pecking order.  Bobbie has to keep the kids in line all the time.

Mmmm!! I've got the whole bowl of food to myself!

(Bobbie)  Can you still see me?  Am I blending in yet?

Critters We've Known

Critters who called our place in Duvall "home" over the years
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As the old say goes . . .  they don't get it from the neighbors. Children no matter what species, learn from their parents.

(Daisy)  Ok. You seem harmless enough.  And besides, you look like you're stuffed and you don't need any more of that great looking chow in the bowl.