Hallelujah Bronze Art Gallery

We are not to be outdone by slugs in Duvall.  Here is a large Banana slug shown next to my hand.

What's Washington State without a few slugs?!

And last but not least . . . 

This adorable little opossum showed up one day in front of our old home in Duvall.  He made me laugh! He reminded me of an arcade shooting game except I was taking photos of him instead of pointing a rifle at him.  Each time I would take a picture, he quickly turned and went back the other way!

Woodpeckers just loved the suet back at our old home in Duvall.

Everybody loved the bird feeders back at our old home in Duvall.

Here is a large healthy coyote that showed up one day in back of our old home in Duvall.

Deer in back of our old house in Duvall.

Deer playing "hide and seek" at our neighbor's place in Duvall.

Here are the first photos of Bobbie the raccoon.  We figured her age was over 15 years old when we left our place in Duvall the Fall of 2013.  When we first saw her, we called her "Bob" because she had no tail.  Later on, she showed up with 3 kids and her name got changed to "Bobbie".  The name seemed to suit her well and she lived many years at our place in Duvall.  As far as we know, she is still raising families.

Critters We've Known

Critters who called our place in Duvall "home" over the years
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