Jim, Vicki and their pet rooster Henry, are all Seattle Seahawk fans! Check out the YouTube video below of Henry rooting for the Seahawks on Blue Friday!

This is Bella, our beautiful Silver Seabright Bantam hen. She is 4 months old in this photo taken in Sept. 2015.

We have only 6 chickens as of Sept. 2015.  We have 2 Black Sexlinks named Wilma and Betty and 4 Silver Seabright Bantams name Henry, Bella, Peeps and Pidgy Sue. At only 4 months of age, Wilma and Pidgy Sue started laying eggs. Their favorite treats are dried mealworms, Pupperoni (dog treats) and Vienna Sausages.  I will be adding more photos soon, so come back to see more of them.

Bella, Vicki & Jim's Silver Seabright Bantam hen, photobombs Vicki in this photo below. As you can see we are all Seattle Seahawk fans! These are probably the only chickens in the world that root for Hawks!

***This is for you --- Seahawk Fans***

Wilma, Vicki & Jim's Black Sexlink hen, photobombs Vicki in this photo below.  Wilma is really a camera hog!

This is a selfie of me and my 4 month old Sliver Seabright rooster named Henry.   He loves to get on my arm, shoulder and even my head and do what he does best -----   CROW!!!

These are photos taken in Sept. 2015 of our pet Silver Seabright Bantams and Black Sexlinks and our cat Mario.

Wilma got into the Christmas spirit by wearing a Santa hat for the first time!

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