Portrait of Pookie

My Arabian gelding who passed away at the age of 28 1/2 years old

"Close to His Heart"

Jim's vision 2 days after Sparky the Wonderdog passed away on Aug. 11, 2008

Portrait of *Maar Ree

Oil portrait done for Bob & Jeanne Middleton
of Midcrest Arabians in Enumclaw, Washington

Pencil Dog Portrait

Portrait of Samoyeds

Oil portrait done for Mike and Phyllis Chudzik

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"The Cool River Band"

Acrylic Sign and logo designed for Ed Mauck

Paintings & Drawings by Vicki

       Hallelujah Bronze Art Gallery

Shar Pei Portraits

Portrait of Arn-Ett Perlane
"The Look of Eagles"

Oil portrait done for Becky and Sandy Zisk

Portrait of Quarter Horses

Oil portrait done for Debbie Estrin
of Rocking "E" Feeds in Duvall, Washington