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Below you will find 2 slideshows of Sparky's cave trip to Trout Lake, WA on August 15th (Vicki and her twin sister, Debbi's, birthday). You'll see a photo of Sparky, in his "Kari-Pet" with his "Mommy", Vicki (me) and his "Daddy", Jim, at the entrance to the cave.  I don't think Sparky really knew what he was in for  and why we all had heavy coats on in the 95+ degree weather outside the cave.  He might have felt silly until we climbed down into the cave and were chilled to the 42 degrees that blasted us in the face like an air conditioner on high!

In one photo that shows him and  me standing next to the cave wall, Sparky had finally stopped whimpering.  I don't think he liked climbing down the steep ladder and then onto the rugged rocks in the lava tube.  Since it was very damp inside the cave and I forgot to put Sparky's sweater on, I zipped up my jacket the best I could, but poor little Sparky's legs stuck out the bottom of the jacket.  The very first and hardest to see photo (above) shows Sparky, me (his Mommy) below and his Aunt Debbi, climbing up the ladder to exit the cave.  Cheese Cave is an old lava tube created from one of the past eruptions of Mt. Adams.  This cave was used to house a cheese factory.  The last owners had a special entrance that descended down a long steep metal staircase to the cave below.  Since the cave reamains a constant 42 degrees F, it was ideal for the cheese factory.  To this day, you can still see the remains of wood structures that were used in this operation.  The photo of the "A" frame structure was the house above the cave.  One photo you will see Sparky, his Mommy (me) and his Aunt Debbi standing on top of a natural land bridge that was created when the roof of the lava tube collapsed.  One photo shows Jim in the distance, standing in front of a gigantic Douglas Fir tree.  Another photo shows me and Sparky on top of one of the natural land bridges. I was holding him tight in that photo. I didn't want him to fall.  You can tell it was pretty hot that day in the photo that shows Sparky panting and taking a much needed break on the trail.  In one photo you'll see our vehicles and our camp at Pederson Prairie.  I love the photo of Sparky taking a nap with his toy, "Cow Cow" and a borrowed toy from his Aunt Debbi called "Humphrey".  We stopped for a break beside a huge waterfall.  One photo shows Jim standing holding Sparky in front of this beautiful waterfall.  The gravel road between Randall and Trout Lake lasted a grueling eleven miles, but it seemed more like 100, and this being about half way there, seemed like a good stopping point.  Pederson Prairie campground is 6 miles from Trout Lake.  On the road out, I got Jim to stop the car long enough for me to get out and take a photo of a Herron standing on a log in a lily pond.  I was able to get one good shot of Mt. Adams in the distance even though the hot weather made it look rather hazy.  What a fun trip!  

Sparky's Big Trip

Trip to Cheese Cave
Trout Lake, WA