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August 17, 1996 to August 11, 2008
We will never forget you!


For all of you who have lost a beloved pet, please click the link
below.  It will bring you comfort.

 to read the short story of
Sparky's life and Jim's vision of Jesus holding
Sparky two days after he died.

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Sparky's last Dogster Diary entry August 11, 2008:

My eyesight is gone and cancer has ravaged my weakened body,
but soon I'll be free to dance again. I know that I'm
needed elsewhere because I hear the Master's voice calling me.
He tells me I won't have any more pain and I can run and play
with my friend Parker again. He says that I have new friends
that are waiting for me. Someday I'll see my Mommy and Daddy
again, but I have a place that's been prepared for me and
it's my time to go. I will say "until we meet again" for I
hate to say good-bye. I'm flying away for real this time!
I'm off to save the day!
All my love---Sparky The Wonder Dog


Here's what others are saying about Sparky
on www.dogster.com!

"Ok, Sparky is just way too cool!!! There should
be a law against his cuteness!!!!" :-)

"Your puppy is too cute! I love Sparky LOL!"

"Sparky, you look like you are enjoying life
to its fullest!  Will you be my pup pal?  - Olive"

"you're sooo cute!!!! woof!!!"

"those pictures are just too much! :)"

"Sparky, Your pictures are truly amazing! 
You're obviously a true hero!  Do
you want to be Pup Pals?
Yours Rooly
, Treat, Hawk & Lilac" 

"ALoha! Abarenbo wishes he could
be super heroes with Sparky the Wonder Dog!"

"Sparky rocks!! Skye and Sundance"

"Dear Sparky,
I am from England and I have never met a poodle
as cool as you - I am just a humble whippet
but I am willing to learn to be as cool as I can
be if you will be my friend.
You are way out there with the best!

"Sparky has to be the coolest dog on this website!! I love his
pictures they are so cute I was cracking up!! You seem
to enjoy him -- he's a lucky dog. Well have a good day."
From Tiffany & Lisa


(Note:  Dogster.com had to remove the "friendliest dog link"
because Sparky has almost 3100 pup pals and it was crashing too
many computers!  Sparky's Pup Pals are now listed 100
to a page so you'll be able to see them all!

Sparky & Bud now have diaries!
These both need to be read to get the full effect:
Sparky's diary page on dogster:
Bud's diary page on dogster:

See what I got for Christmas for being
a good dog---my own Harley!!


Check out "Sparky's House Rules"
***Very cute and worth seeing***


Be sure to visit Sparky's 
Free Wallpaper Gallery

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Sparky's wallpaper gallery:

Sparky has a new gallery in the Webshots Community
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Sparky's first caving adventure
to see more photos

(Sparky's Mommy & Daddy)

Sparky's own currency

Sparky's Photo Gallery
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below to enlarge them

Bike Ride Close-up on Harley Sparky on Harley  Sparky's Favorite Toy Time to nap!
Happy Dog! Sparky's Home Sparky & Daddy Poodle Magazine Sparky at Bryce
Sparky at work Sparky having fun Helping Daddy Not sure about helping Sparky & Dillon on stump
Sparky hiking Sparky in van 1st Birthday Toy Poodles for Sparky Sparky sitting in hammock
Pit Stop Sparky at the Ocean Young Sparky Sparky with Shepherd Sparky by Snoqualmie River
Doin' the Dance Sparky and Weezo Isabel and Sparky Sparky as a puppy Bicycling with Daddy
Parker and Sparky  Sparky & Dillon at Mt. Baring & Barclay Lake Party Animal Sparky with new haircut Sparky with ape toy
Strike a pose Bud with friends Bud at 8 wks. Bud with toys Beach Bum
Bud with horsie Where'd he go? Dance lessons 101     Don't step on my paws! Scooter decides he's finished with lessons!
Wha'd you say? Can we look more pathetic? Bud on sheepdog toy Bud in our carriage Bud on couch pillow
Aren't I cute? Who's idea was this?! Bud's portrait Cat Nap! Petie's hero
Bud with Wolfie You can't see me!! Nap time with toys Erastus Amy
Justin Justin Neiko Portrait Riding into the sunset Neiko in costume

Off to save the day!

Before you leave, check out
Sparky's favorite dog links!

Mr. Winkle
Rennie's Rose Red Poodles
Poodle Playground

The Internet Poodle Club
Wheely Willy

Jim & Parker
Parker, Sparky's friend, died
at the age of 16 years old.
He will always hold a special
place in our hearts.
July 8, 1986 - September 26, 2002


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