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You are gone, Sparky, but not forgotten. You will always have a special place in our hearts. Until we meet again.

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It took several years before I could paint what Jim saw that August day in 2008, but with his help, I was able to paint his vision.  I have called the painting "Close to His Heart".  In the Bible, it says that Jesus holds the little lambs close to His heart.  We always called Sparky our little lamb.

Sparky would have turned 12 years old on August 17, 2008, but it wasn't meanto to be. On August 11, only four days before my birthday, Sparky crossed over the rainbow bridge.  I brought his little body home from the vets and we buried him on our place.  I thought we would never see him again.  But oh, was I wrong!

Sparky had many adventures in his short but wonderful life, but by far the greatest took place 2 days after he died and we said our good-bye to him and laid his body to rest in a shallow grave on our place we called home for many years.  As Jim and I were sitting on our porch wiping the tears from our eyes, Jim became deathly quiet and couldn't speak.  The dumb founded look on his face told me he had seen something out of the ordinary!  When he regained his composure, I asked him what had happened.  He then went on to describe to me that Jesus had just appeared on our lawn and He was holding our Sparky in His left arm with His right arm held high in the air!  He said that Jesus was only visible for a few seconds, but it was long enough for Jim to describe even the "Town and Country" clip job on Sparky!  Jim also said that Sparky was so relaxed that he was almost asleep.  He said Jesus had the biggest smile and the friendliest looking eyes he had ever seen.  Jim will never and I do mean NEVER forget what he saw that day and it has brought us comfort year after year since Sparky departed this world.  Do dogs go to Heaven?  You be the judge.  As for Jim and I---well, those who know us, know how we feel.  We hope this has brought comfort to everyone who loves animals. They hold a special place in our hearts.

Life had a sudden turn of events the day Sparky got bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider.  We used Australian Tea Tree Oil on the bite and he healed up from his horrible wound, but later on in life, as Sparky grew older, he became blind because of the poison still in his system.  He then developed a huge tumor on his body.  The Summer of 2008 was one of the most difficult to face.  We saw our Sparky dog, affectionately known as "Sparkmeister" (among many other nicknames), go down hill fast.  On July 13, 2008, Jim and I were driving to our church, Hope Foursquare, in Snohomish, WA, when we saw an amazing sight in the sky!  It was a perfectly shaped cloud that looked like a flying dove over our church!  That night God gave me a poem to help me with the hurt that I was facing.  We feel God showed us this sign to give us peace and strength at what lie ahead in the coming 2 months.

When Summer came, we couldn't always take Sparky and his furry brothers and sister for their car rides since it would get way too hot in the car for them.  As soon as we got home we were serenaded by what became known as the "Howlalujah Chorus"!  All four would join in and it wouldn't stop for several minutes after we unlocked the front door and got into the house.  Jim and I would sometimes join in with them and all of us would have so much fun singing together!  Watch the short video of Sparky singing his last time the day before he died.

Sparky really had a fascination with chasing balls and sticks.  We could never play a game of Croquet or swing a golf club without Sparky barking incessantly, never quitting until we gave in and let him play with the ball or put him in the house to quiet him down.  Many times he and our other dogs would walk down the road with us.  Sparky had the habit of chasing after sticks after we would throw them down the road.  As soon as we would reach down and break off a stick for Sparky, he would hear the snap before we even had a chance to throw it and he'd put up such a fuss that we couldn't wait to get it out of our hands so he would stop barking!

On one of our trips we visited Bryce Canyon for the first time and we didn't want to leave Sparky in the hot car, so I carried him in his special "Kari-Pet" and away we went on the trail.  We did notice once we were on our way, that there was a sign that said "No Dogs On The Trail".  Technically, Sparky wasn't on the trail, since I was carrying him, so we proceeded with optimism.

Sparky enjoyed going everywhere we traveled.  Whether riding on a bike, walkiing down our road or his favorite of all----car rides!  If Sparky heard you jingle the car keys, you weren't getting out of the house without him!  He loved going camping to exotic places like Mt. Rainier National Park & Hurricane Ridge. But Sparky was never what you called "stuck up". He loved going for bike rides along the Snoqualmie River with us.  He was a real trooper. One time Jim fell and Sparky rode right with Jim. Good thing neither of them got hurt.

Sparky grew up in Duvall with his family.  We even threw a birthday party for him when he turned one. His family was invited and they shared a muffin bought at Costco.  He went on many journeys with Jim and I across the country to show our bronze sculptures.  He was quite the little traveler.  We dressed Sparky up in all kinds of costumes and he became known as "Sparky The Wonderdog".  He even has his own webpage devoted to him and his special family and friends.

Sparky's Story

June 20, 2011      Do All Dogs Go To Heaven?

Pierre, our  first red toy Poodle that we ever owned, had to be put down at the age of 10.  Jim and I were heart broken and traveled to Oregon to look at another red Poodle pup for sale.  It was 1996 when we made the trip and we'll never forget it.  The little Poodle pup that we went to see was not the one we ended up bringing home.  A small cute bundle of red fur caught my eye and I inquired if he was for sale.  The owner said he was only 6 weeks old and wasn't sure if she wanted to part with him yet, but with some pleading, she relented.  We had already picked out the name Sparky so when I brought him out to the car and asked Jim, "well, what do you think?", he said he didn't look too "sparky" to him.  As soon as we took off, he became much more animated and befitting his new name!

The story of Spark