Hallelujah Bronze Art Gallery

This video tribute I made was back when we lived in Duvall.  We have started a new chapter in our lives up in Stanwood, Washington, where we will add new photos and videos of farm and wildlife that call our place home.

Boy, a good stretch feels so good!

Now they're trying to get our attention by scratching on the window! What's next?!

Three is definitely a crowd!! Wait your turn!

Here's what happens when you indulge too much! Bobbie---you need to go on a diet!

You think they wouldn't resort to these tactics---especially when we give them plenty enough to eat!

You found me!

I need a better hiding place.

Bobbie's baby getting a drink from the water tub

Oh my!

Am I going to get in trouble again?!

How can I resist that face?!!
OK, just one more treat.

UPDATE: Sweetie's new home

We think Sweetie decided her accommodations needed a serious upgrade. We think she moved on in the Fall of 2010 to start her own family and get better housing! Besides, Bobbie, her Mom, was a bit mean to the older siblings, especially when she was raising a new brood of raccoon pups.


She got her name because she loved to get "sweet" treats from us.  She especially loved cookies--Anna's to be exact.  She was one of Daisy's babies that decided to stay at our place in Duvall. I think she knew she had a good thing going. 

What a little beggar you are!

Oh no!

You brought your brother & sister! I don't have enough treats to go around!

Critters We've Known

Critters who called our place in Duvall "home" over the years
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