Hallelujah Bronze Art Gallery

They need to get me a shorter water bowl!

What do mean? This IS my "happy face"!!

Did I say I wanted to share! Get away from my food!

This is the last time I order the daily special!  Aarrrgh!!!

Oh my! I think I ate too much if that is possible!

I must pray before I eat this meal---you never know who has handled this food!

Does my butt look big from this angle?

Bobbie and her family made themselves at home under our old mobile home that was later turned into a shop after 3 windstorms blew trees on it.  They made themselves at home.  They always seemed to be hungry even though I know Bobbie would sometimes take them down to creek.  We named the stream "Little Dog Creek" because it didn't have an official name (just a number).  It got its' name from when we would all go down the steep hill to the creek below our home in Duvall.

Bobbie (no tail) and her 3 kids, Hewey, Dewey and Louie  and Bobbie's daughter, Daisy and her kids, Frick and Frack 
These photos were taken in July 2008 under our old shop

Critters We've Known

Critters who called our place in Duvall "home" over the years
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