Hallelujah Bronze Art Gallery

Limited Edition Resin
Portrait of Reba Neal
​Mike Neal's Jack Russell Terrier

I will be adding more to this webpage soon, so make sure you bookmark it so you can come back to see what has been added.

Pharaoh's Pride resin as Rajag

Nazeem resin as Rajag

I was commissioned by Karolyn Kime to portray her beloved Rajag in 2 resin sculptures. I used Pharaoh's Pride and Nazeem (hair prepped model)
​Rajag was U.S. National Native Costume Champion

Antares custom one of a kind resin sculpture
I partially painted this resin and then sent it to the customer for finishing

Original Oil Portrait of Arn-Ett Perlane
Limited Edition Prints for sale
Painting owned by Sandy & Beck Zisk

Limited Edition Bronze Portrait of *Padron
1/3 Life-size full body & bust
Mini bronze body & bust
Limited Edition Resin

Custom portrait from a Pharaoh's Pride resin--this special portrait was a gift to my Mom of her beloved Alla Fazar
​The photo below shows the portrait I painted as a teenager of "Fuzzy"

I have by no means given you all the portrait & custom artwork that I've created in oils, acrylics, pencil, pen and ink, bronze and resin sculptures over the years, but I will do my best to give you a sampling of what I've done. I will be adding some more photos and information to this webpage soon, so come back to see more.

Custom Artwork