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June 22, 2000

I will never forget that day in June when the wax pot (electric turkey roaster) caught on fire.  We had a separate 12 by 16 foot building, at the time, that we used for making molds for our bronze artwork and pouring the wax copies that were then sent to the foundry for casting.  I had done a dumb thing by leaving the wax pot turned on for more than a day.  By the time I looked out our window of our home and saw that the small building was filled with smoke, I knew I was in trouble!  I was alone when this happened, so I had to act quick.  So I raced down to the building to turn off the wax pot. Unfortunately, I did another dumb thing. I lifted the the cover on the large pot, pulled the electric cord from the wall and then it happened-----all that hot wax, once oxygen was introduced to it, fire irrupted right in front of me, to my horror!!  I did the only thing I could think of doing and that was to grab the heavy pot filled with burning wax that now had the lid back on it and run with it out of the building tripping and spilling wax all over on the way out the sliding glass door.  The hot wax slopped out of the container onto my foot and my poor right hand suffered the most by being cooked by the hot metal container.  It took me almost 15 minutes to put the fire out. The flames shot into the air over 6 feet high and it was so close to our building, that I was afraid that it too, would catch on fire!  I ran to the kitchen, in our home, and turned the cold water faucet on full blast. When Jim finally got home, he found me with both hands and a foot in the sink at the same time, but it didn't help the pain.  This is by far one of the most painful injuries I have ever gotten and because of it, I now have more sympathy for burn victims.  Once the hot wax was on me, it began to cook my skin.  The water didn't help but the thing I did next did.  I took Tea Tree Oil that I bought from Melaleuca, Inc., The Wellness Company, and it dissolved the wax from my hand and took the pain away.  Now the pain was gone, but I had a huge and I do mean HUGE blister on my right thumb.  I wasn't sure just how far my skin would stretch, so at the advice of family, I went to the doctor. He proceeded to cut all my skin off and drain the excess fluid that had built up.  Now I was in pain and a lot of it!! The doctor sold me some expensive cream that I got a severe reaction to. So onnce I got home, I decided to treat it myself and used three products from Melaleuca, Inc.  The first was T36-C5 pure Melaleuca Oil (Tea Tree Oil), followed by MelaGel and Triple Antibiotic Ointment (all from the company we've been with since 1992).  I prayed so hard for God to take the pain away and heal my poor hand.  It took 2 1/2 months of treatments, but eventually, I got the use of my thumb back without skin grafts.  I thanked God for these amazing healing products and everyone for their prayers of support through this difficult time in my life. I wasn't sure when it happened if I would ever be able to sculpt again.  Wel, you've made it this far, and it's really not that bad, so if you're ready, scroll down to see what happened . . . . . . 

Freak Accident & Miraculous Healing


If you are the squeamish type DO NOT scroll down and see the graphic photos of my burned hand. It might make you sick.