Hallelujah Bronze Art Gallery

These bronzes were commissioned by Buckeye Arabian Horse Show in Ohio. The bust on the large pedestal base is called "Precious Gem" and the 8 bronzes are called "Smooth As Silk".

The above bronze is a bridle holder and was used by the Daffodil Arabian Horse Show in Puyallup, Washington.

The above bronze was a memorial for Pat Armstrong.  It was a commission of her favorite mare Virginia Dare.

The above bronze is called "Desert Heir" and was used for trophies by the Egyptian Event in Kentucky.

The above bronze is called "Sahara Wind" and was used for trophies by Region IV Arabian Show in Oregon.

Hallelujah Bronze did a lot of trophies over the years for numerous horse and even dog shows.  The above 24 karat gold plated memorial trophy for Shorty Boggs is one of them.  Come back and see more soon.  The bronze shown is called "Desert Gold".